Carla Frank is a globally recognized, award winning Creative Director and
Brand Strategist with a truly unique ability to create and convey the authentic personality of a brand.

With her multifaceted approach, entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of quality, she as created  a string of resonating big brand successes. 

Carla considers herself fortunate for having worked with like-minded clients around the world, who believe, as she does, that it is always possible to create engaging, profitable products which make the world a little bit better. "That's a win-win-win in anyone's book."

“A brand should invite people to an experience that enriches their lives in some way. Each engagement should be smart, stylish, fresh and originating from a point of authenticity.”

Carla's career and global interests have led her to spend time working in Stockholm, Milan, London and New York. As keynote speaker, she has been invited to share her ideas on branding, design, launches, education, inspiration and her creative journey with audiences in Beijing, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Cape Town and the U.S.

She is fascinated by all aspects of culture which makes travel a great passion for her. 

To read more about Carla's work please see this recent article: http://www.spd.org/2014/12/the-genius-that-is-carla-frank.php