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An award winning leader, with an impeccable track record of successful branding, turn-arounds and launches of iconic global brands. Carla is recognized for innovative brand development and creative direction across sectors. This collaborative leader reaches for excellence on every touch point while developing business objectives into tangible products and experiences by impeccably developing and executing solutions with passion and purpose.

She knows that by living a richly experienced life, she brings it back to her projects which in turn imbues an unexpected experiential value to them. She also knows the right collaborative relationships lift ideas to new heights. 

A deeply curious and observant person, Carla looks for love and meaning in everything. Maybe that’s why she travels as much as she can and is interested and a wide variety of subjects – with all things food being at the top. And perhaps that’s why she has a deep affection for Italy, a culture which insists on beauty, connection and quality in life.